Thursday, August 21


MJ opened up some presents first thing in the morning. She's a big fan of WALL-E.

Late in the afternoon, we had cake with best buddy Fitz. MJ requested a castle cake. It looks more like a church, but she was happy with it.

2008 08 18_0059
This is almost embarrassing haul -- and it doesn't even include the cards & presents that came the rest of the week.

2008 08 19_0053
MJ's friend (& regular babysitter) Sadie came over Tuesday with her favorite childhood birthday game -- hands behind back, everyone has to eat the gummy worms buried in whipped cream. First one to finish wins!

2008 08 19_0052
No surprises here -- MJ won. That's three eating contests she's won in the last year: eating donuts off a string during Cinco de Mayo day, jello eating at summer camp, and now this. What can this mean?

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