Monday, July 28

Cash money

Unexpected but great news in my inbox today!

From: Internal Revenue Service (
Subject: You have get a Tax Refund on your Visa or MasterCard
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2008 13:05:35 -0700

You have get a Tax Refund on your Visa or MasterCard.
Complete the formular, and get your Tax Refund.

(Your Refund Amount Is $620.50)


All I had to do was provide my credit card info and of course my Social Security number. I should have my refund in just a few days!

UPDATE: A couple of commentators have alleged that this email is a scam. I certainly hope that is not true, because I could sure use the money to help fund the transfer of some inheritance I am owed out of Africa. Nigerian attorneys do not work for free, let me tell you -- even if they do happen to be your cousin 3x removed!

Sunday, July 27


MJ contemplates the Deep.

Saturday, July 5