Tuesday, December 30

Looking back

Towns I visited in 2008.

Salt Lake City, UT
Albuquerque, NM
Denver, CO*
Lincoln, NE
Hampton/Grand Island, NE*
New York City, NY
Tulsa, OK
Detroit, MI
Miami, FL*
Baltimore, MD
Houston, TX
Ft Lauderdale, FL*
White Plains, NY
Park City, UT
Hollywood, FL
Las Vegas, NV*
Gettysburg, PA
* = multiple visits

Thursday, December 18


Sunday, December 14


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Having fun at the Capitol.

Saturday, November 22

These aren't the droids you're looking for

We stopped by the American History museum today for the grand re-opening. The R2DC Builders Club was there with enough fully functioning R-series droids to stock the hold of a Jawa Sandcrawler. Josie kept trying to coax the red one over to play with the blue one, who she thought seemed lonely.


You've got a lot of carbon scoring here.

Thursday, November 20

Tough Times

The economy is so great that Consumer Reports is actually providing tips about where to hide your cash at home.  Fortunately I already converted my retirement account to gold and buried it all exactly twenty paces north of the large oak tree that stands right at the end of M St. SE by the Anacostia River.  At first I buried it in the backyard, but I figured that was too obvious.  I think we're pretty well covered now.

Thursday, November 13


Saturday, November 8


Today we came across a line of blue leaves in some woods by a park. MJ was intrigued.

Sword of Truth

MJ hacks away at the thorns surrounding Sleeping Beauty's castle. She watched that movie the other day, and for now most things are somehow related to Sleeping Beauty. She'll build "spinning wheels" with her legos and alternately act out the parts of Princess Aurora and Maleficent, which sometimes scares me.


Tuesday, November 4

Ballot 2008

Notice the first name on the ballot, and the last name on the ballot.


There's never been a line at this polling location since we've lived here. Today it was over a block long and took us more than an hour. Something is afoot.

Saturday, November 1

Happy Halloween!

Our little firefly getting ready to head out for trick-or-treating.

Firefly with bubbles
At the neighborhood Halloween party today. (Thanks for the pic Jeremy!)

She calls this look "tinkerbell"

We had nothing to do with it.


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you were always waiting for Miss Mona to arrive . . .

Love her.


soapy is our new friend

soapy is our new friend
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& Mimi cannot catch me . . .

Sheesh, she's big

This is a bad iPhone pic of MJ's school picture. Doesn't she look way too old?


Alan spent what felt like all of October in this Denver hotel room. At least the view was inspiring.

Still in Denver
Still in Denver.

Homestead Farms

2008 10 12_0267_edited-1
MJ and Alan find our pumpkins.

2008 10 12_0271
The orchard.

2008 10 13_0273
The fruits of our labor.

National Building Museum Festival

We spent a few hours one Saturday enjoying the National Building Museum Festival.

2008 10 11_0233
MJ requested a permit for a museum, built one, and then put it down in the new city. That's it with the doors and the row of blue windows.

2008 10 11_0235
Then we went outside to watch the bobcat ballet. Yes, really. A troupe danced to Swan Lake, accompanied by little bulldozers.

2008 10 11_0237
Then MJ took it for a (pretend) spin.

2008 10 11_0246
MJ in motion.

Art we love



2008 10 11_0223

A girl, a dog, and a bike

MJ and "Lady"
MJ and "Lady" go for a ride.

Traveling along the bike path next to our Metro stop.

North Beach in early September

MJ loves the water.

I just like this one.

This one too.

New school year, new school

MJ started PreK-4 at Brent Elementary this year. She loves it, despite the sad face here.

New uniforms too!

Backyard in August

2008 08 22_0087
Despite the mosquitoes, MJ loves to play in the backyard.

2008 08 22_0098
Enjoying the sand with Fitz.

Friday, October 10

Thursday, September 25

The Solution

I don't know why we're talking about an eleventy gazillion dollar bailout when we could just hold an Americathon. San Diego must be worth billions.

Thursday, September 4

"I've Been Called Worse On The Basketball Court"

Senator Obama's mini-press conference today. Spot on, as usual.

Thursday, August 21

A study in red

2008 08 20_0039

2008 08 20_0030

2008 08 20_0011
There are, approximately, a gazillion more shots of MJ sitting on the porch in this dress, but these are a few of my favorites. So grown up and so much hair! :-)


MJ opened up some presents first thing in the morning. She's a big fan of WALL-E.

Late in the afternoon, we had cake with best buddy Fitz. MJ requested a castle cake. It looks more like a church, but she was happy with it.

2008 08 18_0059
This is almost embarrassing haul -- and it doesn't even include the cards & presents that came the rest of the week.

2008 08 19_0053
MJ's friend (& regular babysitter) Sadie came over Tuesday with her favorite childhood birthday game -- hands behind back, everyone has to eat the gummy worms buried in whipped cream. First one to finish wins!

2008 08 19_0052
No surprises here -- MJ won. That's three eating contests she's won in the last year: eating donuts off a string during Cinco de Mayo day, jello eating at summer camp, and now this. What can this mean?

Thursday, August 14

Big birthday present

MJ's birthday isn't until the 18th, but we couldn't resist giving her the main present early. She's long outgrown her Kettler, so it was time for a big kid bike.

The first day she took two spills on the bike trail -- thank goodness for the helmet! She remains our plucky girl though and hasn't been even a little bit afraid of getting right back on.

Little ham

Let's celebrate at camp!

We celebrated MJ's birthday a little early so she could have cupcakes with her friends at Polite Piggy camp. Somewhere we have a movie of all the kids in a circle singing to her.

I'm pretty sure I never expected to type this phrase: "Safeway rocks!"


MJ loves to go to the bookstore and this is a pretty standard result.

Back in July . . .

MJ went to the Reston Zoo with the Polite Piggy Day Camp. She loved feeding the animals.



We also visited the White House with the Brent Camp one day last month. Alan and I went along, since we've never been inside. It was a pretty short tour through the east side, but it was still very cool. MJ wanted to know if we'd see Barack Obama on the tour. :-)

Here we are outside, where it clearly states "No Cameras." Given the crappy quality of my camera phone, I didn't think ours qualified.