Tuesday, November 27

Thanksgiving in NYC

We spent four days in NYC, celebrating the holiday with Steph & Ward.

Watching the Macy's Parade from outside the Dakota. MJ enjoyed the big balloons . . .

. . . like Mr. Potato Head here.

Waving to Santa.

Climbing the benches surrounding Strawberry Fields.

stretching before the race
Stretching before the big race with Ward.

big race v. Ward in central park
Racin' Uncle Bud in Central Park.

It got pretty cold the next day. We found the carousel, of course.

. . . and the playground.

Eating a purple frosted Magnolia cupcake in the park.

MJ's a little tired here, but we had to try for a family photo anyway.

Friday, November 9

You're invited ...

to the Horse Pumpkin Party.

Under the weather

This morning MJ said that she and her horse, Cisco, were not feeling well. She put Cisco on our bed, and I helped her tuck the horse in for some rest. Then MJ crawled under the covers too so they could both nap. A few minutes later, MJ was bouncing around the house, so I guess that was just what she needed.