Wednesday, October 31

MJ, the horse-ridin' cowgirl

Screaming "smile" at the DOJ.

riding off into the sunset
Riding off into the . . . boss' office.

She's not grinning here, but don't be fooled. MJ *loved* trick or treating. She got the hang of it by House No. 2 and was on her best behavior. Every house heard a happy "Trick or Treat" and then received a polite "Thank you!" She could also be heard wishing folks a Happy Halloween. She was fascinated by the Dora the Explorer she saw; MJ also announced "I don't like that one" when she saw someone dressed like the villain from the "Scream" movies. Mostly though, she just kept saying "more trick or treating mommy!"

Monday, October 15

MJ at Lovejoy Park

It was a beautiful day.

She can run the navigation controls and eat a lollipop.

It might be time for a haircut.

Tents are comfy cozy

Especially when filled with soft animals.

Baby's got bling.

All MJ's idea. She wanted some jewelry on before going to the park.

Our finished porches -- finally!

A look from the back gate. What you can't see is the pretty patio beneath the porch.

Playing in the first floor porch. Screened-in porches are the best!