Wednesday, July 4

Independence Day 2007

We walked to the Mall today to enjoy the annual Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

We walked past the staging area for the big July 4th parade, so MJ got to see her favorite thing: horses.

"Excuse me horses. I need to ride you."
Yes, that's a direct quote.

Our lil' firecracker

Another carousel ride. MJ has a bit of an addiction to the old fashioned carousel. I think she picked that up from her mom . . .


ladyjocelyn said...

Hey --

I love checking in with you guys from time to time, and I've just got to say that the picture of you and MJ on the carousel is such a sweet, sweet picture. What a lovely mother and daughter.


Poppy said...

Hey Anne,

MJ certainly has grown! Ky is also sprouting up there.

I have another granddaughter due in the next few weeks!

Hope all is well with you~

Kristian said...

Wow! Good looking pictures... Dr. Jones gave me your Blog address.

Hope life is treating you well, Laura & I just had a baby boy a few months back.