Friday, March 9


If you think we haven't posted in a while, you're right. We've been out of our house lately while "the guys" work on it. Thanks to friends and a hotel in Virginia, we didn't have to sleep on the street. The basement a couple of weeks ago:


The basement today:


Here's the floor in our bedroom upstairs, which is being expanded - this is where the old and new meet, with the brick wall knocked down to floor level in between:


Mostly things have gone fine, although someone did break in through our 2d-floor window a week ago. The only thing they did, however, was look through this box of CDs:


I think I might have startled them away when I stopped by the house to feed the cats late that evening. But who knows. Maybe they just didn't like our taste in music and, disgusted, went to burgle somewhere else.

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Anonymous said...

Well, Clay Aiken's not for everyone!