Monday, October 30

Delayed reaction

MJ loves to make movies, but the other day she was temporarily distracted by all the goings-on at the Capitol. Listen for the moment she realizes I've got the camera out.

Saturday, October 28


It was a cool, sunny fall morning here, and MJ met up with her playgroup pals for a photo session at the Capitol. The kids ran every which way.

MJ & friends.

Moms and kids.

A couple of Japanese schoolgirls really wanted us to take their picture with MJ. They had very small cameras.

MJ, the Capitol, and ... a pumpkin.

Wednesday, October 25

Friday, October 20


MJ likes her fancy sunglasses.

Saturday, October 14

Thursday, October 5

More from Sunday's walk

It's nice to be able to walk right by the Capitol.

MJ really liked the new addition to the U.S. Botanic Garden.

Monday, October 2

Sunday, October 1

Family photos

Taken last month in Nebraska by our friends Steph & Ward. Isn't she a peanut?