Monday, June 26



She's the bees knees.

Fun in the sun


The day started with a visit from Fitz. Isn't he beyond cute?


Later we spent time in the wading pool with Fitz and his mama, Kara.


Cups + water = fun!


Especially when you can pour the water on yourself or someone else.


MJ pours while Fitz looks thoughtful.

Two cute as can be


MJ spent some time with her buddy Isabel last week.


Trying to get Isabel's attention -- MJ is all about the face time.

Saturday, June 17

MJ's friend, the bear

We have a DVD of "things that go" that MJ loves to watch. She'll haul herself up on this purple chair to sit with her bear and concentrate on the planes, trains, and automobiles. The bear would prefer DVDs about, well, bears mostly.

Tuesday, June 6

Dad's shoes

Then & now, courtesy of the Mom Photo Archive. I don't suppose you can dig up a picture of me playing with a big bucket o' rocks? I have a lot of shots like that to put on the MJ side.