Wednesday, May 31

what mama?

what do you mean "no tv"?

Sunday, May 28

Hey everybody

MJ loves to hang out in the little plastic house on our deck.

Friday, May 26

4 (almost) two-year-olds in one spot


Whew, playgroup is hard work!


If you're happy and you know it -- find your ears!

Wednesday, May 24

Day at the beach

The water was cold, but the sand was just right.

Hey, mama!

I could use another helping of the yoghurt!

Sunday, May 14


Last week we joined some friends on a visit to the Reston petting zoo.


MJ was surprised by the size of this bird, but she wasn't frightened a bit.


Thinking about drinking the bottle or feeding the lambs? Hard to tell.


She wanted to give them some lovin' though.


Finally, she got a hug in!


Stopping to chat with a wandering goat.


Checking out the baby chicks.


A family photo.

Mother's Day 2006

Last mother's day we were in Kazakhstan. This year we walked along the Potomac and visited the Natural History Museum, before coming home to play.

Playing often involves songs with motions. Our friend Kara taught us this one:

"Trot trot to Boston,
Trot trot to Linn,
Careful MJ,
You might fall in!"


This picture was taken immediately after the "you might fall in" part. MJ's clearly a fan.


Here's a daily event: mama's hair as lovey.

She's so pretty.

I know we're biased, but c'mon!

Sunday, May 7

Sunday paper

MJ enjoyed the feature on the vacuums.

Thursday, May 4

Family photo

Trying to get a picture of all of us together can be a little difficult.