Friday, April 28

One year ago today ...

We arrived in Almaty. We flew in late at night on the 28th, so this picture would've been taken the next morning from our hotel room.

Tuesday, April 25

One of life's lessons

A fraction of a second after this picture was taken, MJ learned that licking sand isn't a great idea.

Friday, April 21

Ooo! Ooo!

The phone rings, and MJ calls out "Whoozit!" Note the ever-present rocks - one for each hand.

Monday, April 17


Happy Springtime.

Sunday, April 16


It was a nice day to be outside.

Heading out

MJ takes a walk through the park.

Easter bubbles

Sometimes it's hard to differentiate between blowing bubbles and blowing your nose.


Here we go again.

Again, multiple pictures from a photo-happy mama.


MJ has a cold, along with some watermelon juice on her dress.


Distressed about the poncho. What's the point of a sweater without sleeves?


A cold can't stop the climbin'.


Sometimes you simply must put rocks in your designer knock-off purse.

Shopping is hard work

Courtesy of the Motorola Razr.

Going crazy with photos

Gonna go a little crazy here, posting several pictures from the same morning (April 6th). MJ's just as cute as a (lady)bug and it can't be helped.


Nothing like a giggle to brighten a day.


Cute. As. A. Bug.


MJ does this cute thing with her mouth all the time.


See, told you.


Blocks are fun and they taste good too.


Ketchup. She's a fan.


Somebody's tired.

So what if I have a strawberry?

MJ likes the strawberries. She likes to eat them. And poke her fingers through them. Berries are good.

Sunday, April 2

Looking for rocks

MJ's favorite activity lately is finding rocks outside. There are actually quite a few rocks out there once you start looking for them. If you happen to see any, send them to us please.

now that's bedhead

mj's hair has it goin' on.