Thursday, June 16

Red, white, and blue

With another successful Flag Day behind us, it's good to read in USA Today that "[t]he Senate may be within one or two votes of passing a constitutional amendment to ban desecration of the U.S. flag, clearing the way for ratification by the states."

That's right - fortunately for all of us, Congress has solved every other problem facing the country, and has turned once again to the yearly flag burning debate. Of course, this year the issue is even more grave than usual. The Citizens Flag Alliance, which supports the amendment and keeps track of these things, reports that flag burning incidents are down only a little in 2005 ... to a total of ONE.

It's a little hard to grasp those kinds of numbers. To put ONE in perspective, think of the number 10, then subtract nine. To use a sports reference, if you had a large football that was as big as 100 football fields, just ONE of those footballs would stretch across some 100 football fields. In astronomical terms, just ONE piece of string as long as the distance between the Earth and the Moon would span all the way from us here on Earth to our closest neighbor, the Moon. It took the Apollo astronauts three days to make the same journey! That's a big piece of string!

So you can see why we need to spend time on the flag amendment.

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