Friday, May 20


We made it to the "Grand Hotel Ai-Ser" in Almaty. All three of us are
doing well. Marina had a good time during the trip, looking around at
all of the people. She's back on something of a schedule in our hotel
room now, sleeping through the night and eating like a champ.

Right now I'm sitting at the "Troy Internet Cafe" in a mall not too
far from the hotel. Almaty is a surprisingly cosmopolitan city with
just about anything you might need. Yesterday our translator took some
of us to buy strollers at the main bazaar. It was a huge building
filled with stalls selling everything from blue jeans to stiff fish.
We passed on the stiff fish, but I think the stroller is going to work
out. Marina loves it, so long as it keeps moving.

It looks like we'll probably be leaving Kazakhstan early next Friday
morning, but we're hoping we might be done a day or two earlier.

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