Monday, August 23


A must read for me. Check out the Electoral Vote Predictor
if you haven't already.

Tuesday, August 3

Is this woman for real?

Katherine Harris of Florida recount fame, now a US Rep., evidently hopes to build an entire career out of being a Republican stooge:

In an interview after the speech, Harris said she learned from classified information about the 100 potential attacks that have been thwarted since 9/11.

"Actually, it's been more than 100," she said. "It's classified … obviously not classified to me … but things I can't go into detail about."

... Harris told the audience that while she was in the Midwest recently, the mayor of Carmel, Ind., recounted how a man of Middle Eastern heritage had been arrested. She said hundreds of pounds of explosives were found in his home.

"He had plans to blow up the area's entire power grid," she said.

Pressed after the speech for details about the arrest, Harris said it had not been made public and she asked a reporter not to name the city she mentioned to the audience.

"I probably said too much," Harris said.

Contacted Monday night, Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard said a man was arrested two years ago and was sent to the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

He said he knew of no explosives or threats to blow up the power grid, however.

Carmel Police Chief Michael Fogarty said he had "no knowledge" of an arrest. "I don't know where that information came from," he said. "I certainly haven't heard anything about it."

There's more ... it's just too stupid to repeat.

The orange blues

You could feel it in Washington this week - a grim but steadfast resolve to go on with life even though, three years ago, terrorists plotted an attack. I am glad that the Administration is finally taking those pre-9/11 reports seriously.

Sunday, August 1

Places to which tourists have asked me directions

1. The Metro
2. A "kid-friendly" restaurant
3. 13th and E streets
4. The Treasury
5. 7th Street
6. The Spy Museum
7. A place to get a simple salad.

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