Friday, December 12

Thursday, December 11

Confederacy of Dunces

The Daily Howler is mad today about coverage of Gore's endorsement of Dean. Everyone should read DH, every day. For a good introduction to what the site is all about, read DH's full account of the inept press coverage of Gore's co-called internet claim.

Monday, December 8

Saturday, December 6

It isnt like we have bigger problems to worry about or anything

An Indiana congressman has introduced a bill to kick FDR off the dime and replace him with - who else - Reagan. Supporters claim it would help prevent the media from "distorting" Reagans record, but which record are we talking about? The record on terrorism, arguably a bit of a problem, is not really that great. As Joe Conason points out:

Six weeks ago, the Marine Corps marked the anniversary of the Marine barracks suicide-bombing in Beirut that killed 241 of their comrades on October 23, 1983. Nobody doubted that terrorists backed by Iran were responsible for that attack, just as the same groups had mounted a similar assault on the U.S. Embassy that cost 63 lives the previous April.

Ronald Reagan did two things in response to those bombings. In March 1984, he pulled American troops out of Lebanon -- "cutting and running," as the Republicans might say (but rarely do). And in August 1985, he authorized the first of several secret arms shipments to Iran -- "knuckling under to terrorists," as the Republicans might say (but never do). Compounding the scandal, the proceeds from the arms sales were then used to aid "contra" rebels in Nicaragua.

Then there was all the tough talk against the Soviets that nearly blundered us into a nuclear war. At least he was one of those fiscally responsible conservatives. Oh wait, guess he wasnt.

Wednesday, December 3

From the Taxation without Representation department

Legislators from far-away lands continue to tell District residents what they can and can't do. In this case, an Oklahoma representative doesn't like a drug legalization ad on the Metro. Metro doesn't like it either, but they had to run it or face a lawsuit. That doesn't matter to the congressman. These ads showed up on bus shelters a few months ago and no one cared. I guess members of Congress don't ride the bus.

Friday, September 5

Peace & Quiet

Finally. Here's how to keep those aliens from bugging me.